Friday, September 26, 2008


Focus is what I need now. I am completely lost, not sure what happened. All pressures and stuff, both at office and home seems to have taken the toll on me.

I need to get my focus back on work. Personal life is going okay, however professional life, I know I am kinda struggling a bit. But I am sure that I will bounce back. Immediate focus is going to be my PMP certification. I need to get back into groove and work on that. Then comes the project, prepare to go to Kolkata for the period of project delivery. I am sure everything would work out. I will kick back in.. Am confident.

Jigs going on vacation from next week, Dubai trip. Need to check whether there is anything that Anu can send off...

Amma and Achan would reach on Monday and Kochappa is going back to Dubai tonight. So he may not be able to come to Hyderabad before leaving

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