Saturday, July 01, 2006

To Home & then to Kolkata

I am going home coming weekend. July 8th. Will be there for a week. Chindu is already there. Will meet him. Also my other friends if possible. I need to get a bike too. Hope I will be able to take one.
Returning back to Hyd on 17th and most probably next day to Kolkata... Hmm need to search for a place there. Hope my friends will help me out


It was my b'day on June 30th. At office, Jenni, Tallu and Malo splashed cake on my face, Got B'day Bumps too. They gave me a card which was bigger than me. Ammu got me the best card and came to meet me. That was the best b'day gift i got. Anu also send a gift with Ammu to be given to me.
We fought also, b'day special. :-)