Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Project Management

Oh..... One thing is done.....!!!!!
Well, that was what we felt, (atleast me) after finishing and coming out of the training institute where we underwent PMP training.
The training was not bad, however the trainer was focusing more on the Exam Preparation part only. The concepts though were explained, was not dealt with deeply, probably because they wanted to concentrate on the fact of getting us all certified.
Oh that brings me to discussing about registering for certification. And that seems to be a helluva job.
More on that later.

I am bad huh?

I know I know what all of you are thinking. WTH is this stupid guy doing by updating the Blog once in a while haaa..????
Blog is supposed to be a regular update, atleast on a weekly basis. Hmmmm I dont have explanations or reasons. However can assure that I would try to update kinda regularly :-)