Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Wedding News

Wedding was over without any issues. Everything went off well. It was on 9th September. I will be publishing a few fotographs in here. Enjoy. More news once i am back at Kolkata. I will be reaching back kolkata by 19th. Will be coming via, hyderabad. Well I guess everyone knows why I am taking that detour.?? ;-)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Reached kollam, met my sweet mom and my sis and dad. everyone happy. hectic with the wedding preps. things are going to get more hectic. planning to get a bike. hope things works out fast.

Home Sweet Home

Reached Kollam, yesterday. My sweet home. All are at home, preparing for the wedding. Things are really getting Hectic. Hope to enjoy all these and have a nice time at the wedding

Saturday, August 19, 2006


Its been three weeks now in Kolkata. Have got a place to stay. Settled down almost. Things are going fine. I hope to get things up and running at office by the end of next week. Oh forgot to say that I would be leaving for Kerala, by next friday. I am going via Hyderabad, so would be meeting Ammu. If possible would meet my friends at office also. Hope to go to Hitec Office on the way to home.
Anu's marriage preparations are on at home. Hope its going fine. I would have to do my work once I am there. Have told achan to get a bike, no idea wats the status.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

To Home & then to Kolkata

I am going home coming weekend. July 8th. Will be there for a week. Chindu is already there. Will meet him. Also my other friends if possible. I need to get a bike too. Hope I will be able to take one.
Returning back to Hyd on 17th and most probably next day to Kolkata... Hmm need to search for a place there. Hope my friends will help me out


It was my b'day on June 30th. At office, Jenni, Tallu and Malo splashed cake on my face, Got B'day Bumps too. They gave me a card which was bigger than me. Ammu got me the best card and came to meet me. That was the best b'day gift i got. Anu also send a gift with Ammu to be given to me.
We fought also, b'day special. :-)

Friday, June 23, 2006

Me Myself and Ammu

Me Myself and Ammu

Ammu just came home, as usual acting kiddish, but I love it. She is asking me why I love it. But then why is she not thinking of atleast one good reason to hate her. Yeah she is so sweet like she claims. A little angel. At end of day will come back to me calling Etta.
Is just having the dosa and have already interrupted me two times asking for water and crying to go for a movie.

Back to Kolkata

Though I do not like that city that much, I am going back to Kolkata. Thanks to HSBC. No idea how long I will be posted there. But to be truthful I have started liking Hyderabad. This city gave me more than I could imagine. Helped me settle in a job, which I really like now. Gave me Ammu, my once and only solace, in this mad bad world. I really hate to leave this city now. But at the same time also hope that I would be able to come back to this city later on. I would really like to settle down in this city, if not in Kerala.