Sunday, September 28, 2008

Amma & Acha are here tomorrow

Amma and Acha are reaching here tomorrow. 2nd October we are having the naming ceremony of Pinkoos. From then she will have an official name. :-)
Acha would be here for a couple of weeks, I would try to get Amma to stay back for some time. But then there are lots of plans in the pipeline, hopefully all will workout as I am thinking about....!!!
Today Pinkoos was in a sukhilala mood (well that is wat Ammu says :-)
What else during the weekend, hmmmm Oh Leema came, and spend time here. Jigar is going to Dubai this weekend, maybe should try to get something from there. Anu wanted a Skirt, would try to buy it tomorrow from FabIndia and send it with Jigar. Hopefully....!!!
Thats all now, would have something exciting tomorrow... :-)

Friday, September 26, 2008


Focus is what I need now. I am completely lost, not sure what happened. All pressures and stuff, both at office and home seems to have taken the toll on me.

I need to get my focus back on work. Personal life is going okay, however professional life, I know I am kinda struggling a bit. But I am sure that I will bounce back. Immediate focus is going to be my PMP certification. I need to get back into groove and work on that. Then comes the project, prepare to go to Kolkata for the period of project delivery. I am sure everything would work out. I will kick back in.. Am confident.

Jigs going on vacation from next week, Dubai trip. Need to check whether there is anything that Anu can send off...

Amma and Achan would reach on Monday and Kochappa is going back to Dubai tonight. So he may not be able to come to Hyderabad before leaving

Pinkoos is troubling Momma

Pinkoos has not gone for potty for the last two days and her Momma is the most worried. (Mom's are always like that.. so we need to understand them :-)

We took Pinkoos to the Doc, yesterday and he said, its perfectly normal. So Momma is kinda okay now.

Tishya is also not doing that well, is having high fever, she is also having medicines, and hopefully should be okay by tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bit Looong Break

That was a break of almost 2 weeks. Well you all know its a 24/7 job when you got a baby, but which is thoroughly enjoyable. Thankfully, I am not staying at home along with Ammu and Pinkoos. So I am kind of escaping the night shift of staying awake. Sometimes I feel bad about it. However during the time I am there, its so enjoyable being with Pinkoos. Just watching her sleep itself is something which is beyond explanation.

All can check out the Photographs at :

Check, comment and get back to me.

BTW anyone has seen the movie 'A Wednesday' If not check it out, once of the best movies that I have seen in the recent times. Wonderful performances from two of the stalwarts of Indian cinema, Anupam Kher & Nasiruddin Shah.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Enjoyed the day with my Cutie Pie

Today was the day completely devoted to our Cutie Pie, whom we are calling Pinkoos now. We are all fighting to freeze on a nice unique name for her. Soon we will have to do that.
We are also planning for the Naming ceremony, scheduled for 2 October 2008. Anyone got good names please let me know. I do not have any specific requirement, other than that, it should be an Indian name which is unique.
Tomorrow I am back to office on my regular schedule.
There are lots of things which are on pending status, needs to clear them out soon.

Monday, September 08, 2008

We got her home

We just got her home today evening. My cutie pie brought rain along with her. Its raining raining and raining.
I got wet completely coming in the bike. Well but then I am loving it :-)
She went to her mom's place. I need to deck up our place to invite her in when she comes here. Probably like 2-3 months.
I am going back to her mom's place to spend time with my cutie pie.
Bye bye.. Will catch you back later. Take care. :-)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

She is crying

She had some tests scheduled in the morning. Nurses came to take her blood and she was whining while they were poking the sharp needles. I need to get to hospital fast and check out. :-(

Missing her tonight

I came home from hospital after spending more than 9 hours there with our cutie pie. I was planning to go back to hospital once in the night to just check them out and come back. And lo.... there goes the rain, full force. It started raining around 5pm and was continuously raining till 9 or later. I was not able to step out of home. And now I sorely miss meeting them both.
Ammu is going to probably get jealous and curious about this. I am missing our baby more.
I am just waiting for the day to start so that I can be back to hospital checking both of them out.

Friday, September 05, 2008

Ammu, Me & Our Baby

Today morning 6:14 we welcomed the new member to our family. And its a Girl. She is joining us for the next important phase of our journey known as life.
Would keep all of you posted. We are just waiting for her to come home, which should happen in another 2-3 days.
She has brought me luck with my ITIL Certification and I am sure, she is bringing loads of luck along with her for us.
Pray for us all of you out there.

ITIL Certified

Ohhh.. another job done
Now I am ITIL V3 Foundation certified........... 100% marks baba...!!!